Available everyday 4PM - 4AM

Basic Bitch
Absolut Elyx, St Germain, Prosecco strawberry, lemon

She Said Yes
Hendricks Gin, Uncle Pepe’s Fino Sherry, lemon, raspberry, fresh sliced cucumber

Our Gin & Tonic
The Botanist Gin, Sweet Liberty Tonka Tonic, grapefruit slices, cilantro, rhubarb & rose mist

Sweet Potato Pain Killer
Sweet Liberty Jamaican Rum Blend, sweet potato juice, coconut cream, orange juice, all spice

Me, Masala and I
Gin Mare, Aperol, calamansi, burnt rosemary syrup, garam masala tincture

Strawberry Daquiri (JL Remix)
Bacardi Superior, Manzanilla, fresh strawberry, lime, sugar, salt & pepper

Katie's Flower Shop
El Tesoro Reposado, St Germain, egg white, orange blossom, lemon, lavender, Pastis wash

Chuck Norris in 'Hot Blooded'
Los Vecinos, Aperol, fresh ginger, grapefruit, Tajin

Velvet Sideswipe
Mezcal Vida, Ancho Reyes, pineapple, lemon, black pepper

Mezcal Vida, Aperol, Cocchi Rosa, grapefruit bitters

Cardi B
Belvedere Vodka, Amaro Nonino, raspberry, cardamom, lemon, egg white, black pepper

Monty Funk
Redemption Rye, Dolin Blanc, Montenegro, lemon oils

The Great Carlotto Caper
Bombay Sapphire, Dolin Dry, basil oil, caper berry ($1 donation will be made to ‘Hope for the Day’)

South Side
Ford's Gin, mint, lemon, apple cider, soda (do it with officer’s reserve for $3 more. Do it!)

The Ginger Ninja
Bulleit Bourbon, ginger syrup, soda, bitters

Green Beast
Pernod Absinthe, cucumber, lime, soda

Japanese Highball
Toki Whisky, Topo Chico, lemon peel

Gin Gimlet
Tanqueray No. Ten, ‘lime for days’ cordial

Pink Chihuahua
Tequila Ocho Reposado, lime, house orgeat, house grenadine, egg white

Mind Eraser
Grey Goose, cold brew cordial, soda

Whiskey Mac
Aberfeldy 12yr, strawberry and ginger wine, local honey from the Native Guy. Thanks Native Guy

Brown Derby
Michter's Bourbon, grapefruit, honey

Heavy hands of Campari Bitter, Italian Vermouth, and prosecco