The Perfect Bachelorette Party in Miami

The first thing you'd better realize about your bachelorette party is that you don't want a party; you want an experience. This is all about leaving the dangers and freedoms of being single behind you, before settling into some version of quiet, married respectability. This is a big deal! So do not go quietly into that good night, no-no: Make it a scream of delight. 

And how are you going to do that? Our advice would be to take our advice, and do the things we have listed here. This is one version of how it could go – how it should go – and the venues listed herein could be replaced by other venues and other experiences. But in the first place, if you go to these places and do these things, you can't miss. You and your girlfriends will have a night to remember, stories to tell, and a smile on your face that will still be there with you on the altar, about to walk into the future with the love of your life. 

Get Ready

A good place to start would be to figure out your game plan. Sure, your girlfriends could just meet you at a bar someplace and join you in a couple of rounds, but you've already done that. It's time to make a statement! So make this a stay-in experience, a couple of nights at a good hotel with the people who know you best. 

May we suggest The Hotel at South Beach? It's one of the most fabulous destinations in America, but the prices are within reach of real people. It's a gorgeous building, built in 1939 by master architect L. Murray Dixon, and features 53 deluxe rooms and elegant suites. Amenities include a rooftop pool, featuring to-die-for ocean views. The Hotel was given a makeover by fashion designer Todd Oldham, which added 20 deluxe rooms, two of them premium suites, to an already impressive hotel. Oldham finished the entire hotel in a gorgeous, glowing sunset palette. The Hotel was named one of 31 top new hotels on the planet by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, and you have to see it to believe it. Will you and your girlfriends have fun here? You will. Will you take a few selfies by the rooftop pool? Of course. Will your friends and family be impressed? Oh, yes. 

Get Set

You'll likely sleep in the day of the party, so make the most of it. Take a walk on the beach before lunch, get in a swim, maybe a run. Then it's coffee and conversation by the pool, until the limo comes. Limo, you say? Ah, yes. A stretch limo from Miami Lux Limousine, perhaps a Lincoln Town Car  limo, Cadillac Escalade limo, Hummer limo – with room for eight to 15 of your closest friends. There's a full bar in there, plenty of ice, help yourselves. 

And where are you going? The spa, of course, Aquilina, just over the bridge in Sunny Isles Beach. Time to pamper those girls! Perhaps start with a Caci eye lift, and then everybody gets a relaxing, deep-tissue, just-right-Goldilocks massage of the neck, shoulders, and back, mmm! And then a scalp massage, a manicure, a pedicure – change of polish? Yes, ma'am. 


Whew! Are we ready? Then it's back into your clothes, out into the limo, and on to the party. And where should this party take place? Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company, of course! Think about it: What are you there to celebrate? As noted above, you're there to say farewell to your freedoms as a single woman, before taking that last, big step into wedded bliss. What better place to bid your farewell than Sweet Liberty? 

Yes, the bar and the menu were designed by restaurateur David Martinez and Dan Binkiewicz, with the added genius of New Times Best Bartender 2015 John Lermayer. Okay, it's got a great (should we mention “affordable?”) menu, that features entrees like Organic Half Chicken (roasted with preserved lemon and Middle Eastern spice and Israili couscous), Cauliflower Nachos (blended cheesy sause, with avocado crema, cilantro, radishes, green chilies, fire-roasted cualiflower, served over corn tortilla chips), and Crab Toast (green hummus, radish, lemon, olive oil, sunflower seeds, peas, fennel) -- sure. Good food is an important part of any party, no question. 

But in the first place, who else serves a mixed drink called "She Said Yes"? This is a salubrious concoction of Ford's Gin, fresh raspberry and cucumber, Fino sherry, and lemon, muah! Are following this? You'll hold your farewell-to-freedom party at Sweet Liberty, and then toast your friends with a tray full of  She Said Yes. Plenty of magical synergy there! What will that taste like, in that beautiful space, with all your friends around you, and your whole life ahead of you?

We think it'll go down perfectly. Enjoy, and good luck!